Hotel lobby bar design: Reimagined

Hospitality today is more about the hotel experience rather than simply being a place to sleep, hotel lobby bar design is imperative! Customers are looking for places that meet all of their needs, including socialising, eating, networking, relaxing and essentially ‘plugging in’. Hotels around the world are capitalising on the fact that the hotel experience typically begins and ends in the lobby.

Hotel Lobby Bar Design

As leading hospitality design experts, we have several tricks up our sleeve that will help with a new and improved hotel lobby bar design that will leave a lasting impression on any customer.

Open & Multi-functional

Designing for all personalities is our specialty. We love creating an atmosphere that speaks to locals, travellers and bar customers that allows them to move around freely with a sense of zen and efficiency. Having an open and multi-functional bar design means you can have open spaces and lounges as meeting places, co-working areas or for isolated efforts. Try one part coffee shop table with multiple outlets, and two parts meeting spaces and an inviting bar.

Technology is Everywhere

Embrace technology because it isn’t going anywhere but forward. From state of the art flat screens and fast-and-free WiFi to ordering food and drinks from a smartphone and checking in and out via kiosk, there are plenty of ways to make the hotel lobby bar design more of a technological experience.

Bring in the Bar & Restaurant

An aesthetically-pleasing and effective bar design can be a huge success for a hotel’s business. Create a specific food and beverage niche that seamlessly blends with your brand and locality. It creates a space for socialising or ‘isolated togetherness’ as mentioned in our Hotel Restaurant Design article. Inviting customers and locals in for a drink and bar snacks also shows incoming customers that it’s a pretty cool place to hang out.

Bring a completely new and modern approach to the customer experience with a hotel lobby bar design by contacting our team at Design Clarity. To see some of our inspirational work, take a look at our portfolio pieces: