How retail design is re-reeling in consumers

Retail design is turning a popular misconception on its head. With the explosion of online retail, many have believed and propounded that in-store shoppers are a ‘dying breed. Yet smart insightful design is challenging all this and changing it too.

Retail design is about maximising the value, offer and appeal of tangible 3D store space. This process is about crafting a truly unique memorable consumer experience. One that extends well beyond merely the gratification of getting the goods and services you want. 

Every store space can weave a lasting sort of magic. All it takes is insightful design that respects and responds to the wider environment. Lighting, signage and so much more come into play. All those design elements must of course be topped off by exceptional customer service. Retail design is not just about building store interiors it is about building community and a shopping space with soul.

Stores have dual tasks to serve. First up is to wholly embrace and express their unique brand values and promise. The second is to wholly embrace and express their synergy with the surrounding environment. For big box stores and chains, the latter can be a challenge. Yet by playing off and maximising elements of individual store locations through retail design, even these retailers can augment each specific community in which they have a presence.

One of the most compelling ways to see the transformative power of retail design in action is through store revitalisation. Take a hip funky denim store called Imogene + Willie that set up stop in an old gas station. Enter smart retail design and a bold new story was written for the premises. 

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