Increase the value of your business with interior design

Interior design is not just a ‘buzz’ phrase to be ignored, it is an important aspect of any place of business. Finding the right interior designer can not only make your workplace look great, but it can significantly increase the overall value of your business too.

What will an interior designer do for my business?

It is important to remember that your physical business space is an extension of your company’s brand values and identity. Therefore, you want to express that in a cohesive way and the best way to ensure this happens is to hire an interior designer

  • Maximize the use of real estate through efficient space planning.
  • Apply occupational and healthy safety standards, including accessibility requirements for disabled customers.
  • Incorporate appropriate levels of natural and artificial lighting.
  • Source local, sustainable, and non-toxic furniture, equipment, and finishes as required.

Why will hiring interior designers increase the value of my business?

They will design:

  • Beautiful, functional, timeless and durable spaces that will not need to be refreshed again in 12 months. This saves your business money in the long run.
  • Properties that are modern which may generate more return visits and can achieve higher sales rates.
  • Conform with a variety of structural aspects such as architecture and building codes, saving you time and money.

Design Clarity are some of the best interior designers Australia has to offer. Get in touch with them today to discuss your project and be completely inspired by their ideas! They have offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Here are just a few of their recent projects to get your creative juices flowing to make that call:

  • UAE exchange – mall service booth concept
  • Interchange – multi-level warehouse converted into creative studios
  • ResSleep – network of sleep clinics with special consultation rooms