Interactive design: the ‘must have’ integration

Static is stale: interactivity is in. Industries of all types are breaking with tradition and embracing new dynamic ways of doing business. Against this backdrop, interactive design is one of the most influential forces in modern retail. In order to stay at the front of the pack or even simply continue to flourish, it is vital to weave interactive design into your brand.

Interactive design enhances customer experience

Exceptional customer service and experience go hand in glove. No longer can the old school static print advertising medium achieve brand cut-through. Smart technologies and innovations mean interactive design is mission-critical to garnering customer attention. Take touchscreen technology as an example. While consumers are reveling in a meaningful engaging experience, your business can capitalise on advanced data capture and higher customer conversion.

Engage with rather than talk at

Nobody likes being talked at and this is exactly how hard-sell advertising can come across. Hammer your target audiences with static marketing and you are likely to make them even more committed to pretending you aren’t there. Using interactive design means you can engage with your consumers in lively, entertaining, relevant and memorable ways.

Bring products and services to life

Interactive design and 3D technologies go hand in glove. Think virtual tours and product demos as just a start. When you invite consumers to explore in such an immersive fashion, you deliver a level of interaction that is hard to beat. Meanwhile your products and services will live at the forefront of your consumers’ minds for a long time to come.

Marketing may be taking on a bold new face thanks to interactive design but do not lose sight of the fact that the key drivers of this discipline remain the same. Putting this type of design to work, you are still customer-centric and value-driven. What is different is the compelling interactive experiences through which you are reaching and interacting with your target markets. Optimise your ROI from interactive design by working with Design Clarity. You will find this team has a proven track record of impressive interactive design results for clients such as: