Key ingredients for shopping centre design

Ubiquitous shopping centre design is powerfully responsive and respectful. Meaningful consumer connections depend on crafting interiors that evoke emotional reflexes within shoppers. Yet simultaneously, shopping centre design must respect the environment within which it operates. When a shopping hub and its surrounds are juxtaposed the results can be jarring. Insightful retail design management therefore must take cues from specific locations and their surrounds.

Striking that perfect poise between meaningful consumer connections and environmental cohesion cannot be achieved through a single discipline. Exceptional shopping centre design fuses architectural delivery with inspired interiors. Retail developers can rely on Design Clarity to promote both.

At the foundation of iconic shopping centre design is developer choice in architect and interior designer. One really cannot excel without the other. Consider way finding design as just one example of the symbiotic relationship between the two. Visual systems are needed to help consumers and visitors navigate major retail centres. Interior designers assist in style guide and design development together with visual direction of foot traffic.

Tools may include merchandising displays, concierge placement and interactive centre maps. Architects develop structural ‘sign posts’ and routes to guide internal and external way finding. Both aspects are critical to the overall consumer journey and therefore to overarching wayfinding strategy.

Essentially when arctitects and interior designers work together, shopping centre design is enhanced by:

  • Synthesis of diverse functional requirements
  • Flexible accommodation of specific client needs
  • Successful expression of client aspirations through architecture and interior space

Design Clarity are shopping centre design specialists with experience in delivering numerous high street retail hubs in Australia and UK. Alongside achieving mindful creative retail spaces, Design Clarity also understands the crucial symbiosis between interior and structural design. This turnkey team works cooperatively with architects to ensure the ‘harder’ structural and ‘softer’ interior design factors operate in unison. When visual and operational unity are key to your shopping centre design, speak with Design Clarity