Leap into agile retail

Shake off the static. Agile retail breathes the exciting winds of change into both your physical and online space to keep consumers captivated. The retail world is constantly evolving. It’s all about keeping pace with this movement and remaining dynamically relevant for the long haul. In a previous DC Insights instalment, we looked at Gen Z and how this new breed of shopper leads with shopping expectations that push the envelope beyond anything we have previously seen. In this DC Insights article, we shine the spotlight on how agile retail is key to your future success.

What does agile retail look like?

True to its name, agile retail is your business ability to constantly learn and adapt swiftly to meet new and emerging consumer demands. That means continually gleaning real-time feedback and information to incorporate on the spot. Current retail process is often sluggish, keeping customer showcases and experiences static for long periods of time. This squeezes out innovation, makes it harder to capitalise on opportunity and generally slows the roll of modern retailers. Agile retail turns all that on its head.

Why agile retail is your ace for the future

As we covered in our DC Insights titled Captivate Gen Z shoppers with new generation marketing, Gen Z is ushering rapid change into the retail sector. Agile retail holds the answer. Here are a few ideas as to how you can bring it into your business:

  • Go bolder and bigger when it comes to ideation. Keep dialogue open and flowing across all different areas and teams within your business
  • Test your innovations fast through real-time online consumer feedback then implement incremental improvements accordingly
  • Hit the kill switch on poorly performing projects but don’t forget to take out the gold lying in a review of what worked and what didn’t
  • Creating flexible formats and spaces that are easily changed due to the change and demand of customers

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