London restaurant designers serving up a delicious experience

Looking for restaurant design that is good enough to eat? You are in luck because Design Clarity have got the recipe for your restaurant’s success. They are the premium restaurant designers London and around the world.

The way to restaurant patrons heart may well be through their stomach. Yet the path to a thriving restaurant is most certainly through delicious design and professional restaurant design at that.

Design Clarity ensures you serve up an irresistible restaurant-goers experience that will:

  • Define a clear identity and niche for your London restaurant that resonates strategically with your target market and location
  • Thoroughly streamline operational efficiency from front to back of house
  • Create a unique restaurant ‘personality’ to favourably ingrain your London restaurant within patrons’ memories
  • Make optimal use of space with zero waste and ultra-functionality

Check out these brilliant examples of their work from around the world:

  • Nando’s Adelaide: A feast of texture was created with raw sandstone, shingles, recycled oxidised concrete reinforcing mesh and a tile pattern which gives a nod to the humble country table cloth.
  • Buttercup Cake Shop: Designed as an oversized Shaker kitchen, the space features embellished elements of the traditional handbuilt kitchen, drawing inspiration from honest, utilitarian, British joinery. These core elements are intended to reflect the brand’s ethos; using the finest and freshest ingredients to create hand-make cupcakes with no assembly lines.
  • Luxury Wine Boutique Concept Mayfair London: Situated in a key location in Mayfair, this ambitious scheme aims to combine two existing two-level units to create a unique ‘wine retail experience’ in the West End of London.