Make patrons tipsy with killer bar design

A great cocktail isn’t the only thing that makes bar patrons tipsy. Great bar design makes a big impact on the profitability and trendiness of any popular bar.

First impressions count, so even before your patrons have taken one sip of your delicious cocktails, they need to decide to step in and stop for a drink. How do they take the leap? By being enticed by your killer bar design and this is true whether your bar is in London, Sydney or Paris.

Two different work flows must operate in harmony in order for your bar to be successful and they are the customer flow and the bar workflow. Both of which require different types of variables, but when both work together harmoniously, the bar can really get buzzing.

In addition, the colour palette and textures of the bar need to be considered. Different types of brand identities need to be considered, but as a rule, keeping the majority of the palette neutral with splashes of colour makes the most impact. Same goes with textures, combining a few that work together is better than a hodge-podge of whatever is most economical or ‘on trend’ as is the case with some London bars.

Design Clarity are the bar design experts. Check out some of their recent London bar designs and Sydney bar designs to whet your appetite to get in touch:

  • La Bodeguita Del Medio: The world famous La Bodeguita Del Medio asked Design Clarity to help bring the creative Cuban styled bar/restaurant to Sydney’s York Street. For over two years, the Design Clarity team worked closely with the owners and managers of the site to create a sophisticated, cosmopolitan atmosphere in-line with old-world Cuban traditions.
  • Luxury Wine Boutique London: Situated in a key location in Mayfair, this ambitious scheme aims to combine two existing two-level units to create a unique ‘wine retail experience’ in the West End of London.