Make your move on millennial banking

Millennials have changed the face of banking forever. This generation is the trail-blazer for the fusion of digital technologies and responsive in-branch experiences. Millennial banking design breaks the mould in a variety of ways. Here are three key ways that banks can captivate the millennial population through in-branch experiences:

  1. Millennial banking must be easy on the eye: appearances count for a lot when you are mixing it with the millennials. This generation demands smart presentation, sharp clear visual cues, intuitive layouts and simple swift satisfaction of their needs. In-branch design must match from floor plans to service zones. Banking design must reflect their aesthetic preferences, reminiscent of a trendy café or vibrant co-working arrangement. Easy flow of constructive communication must be central to millennial banking design, with a range of walk-up service zones and laid back comfortable meeting spaces. Customer queues are not a favourable option either.
  2. Millennial banking meets its patrons where they are at: to satisfy millennials, your branch needs to travel with them wherever they go. That means using as many digital technologies as possible so your millennial patrons effectively carry your branch in their pocket in the form of their mobile phone or other technologies. And in true omnichannel style, be sure that the digital experience you offer integrates seamlessly with your in-branch offer
  3. Stay up to the minute, every minute: millennials demand information, solutions and satisfaction in real time. That means millennial banking must deliver a real time experience. Be across emerging trends, use real time marketing and personalise every inch of your patron interactions

An intuitive convenient personalised service delivered in a cheerful vibrant environment will woo millennials convincingly. This is how it must present and perform. Need expert support in achieving millennial banking magnificence? Talk to Design Clarity first or check out their portfolio of recent banking projects like: