Make your fashion retail displays fashion-forward

Fashion is a multi-sensory experience. So there can be nothing random about your fashion retail displays. When you want to lure shoppers out of online and competitor stores and into your own, you need thoroughly optimised retail displays. Depend on Design Clarity for precisely this.

Fashion retail stores are precious. Thanks to online shopping, many retailers fail to recognise the true worth of their physical premises. Yet your store is a physical tangible expression of your fashion brand. Here is your platform to create a brand experience that shoppers simply cannot get anywhere else. Design Clarity specialises in mapping out every aspect of your consumer experience. It doesn’t matter whether your wares are jewellery, kids wear, designer garments or relaxed leisure apparel. This stellar team has a groundbreaking track record in crafting scintillating retail displays meticulously tailored to your target audience.

Naturally different fashion consumers embark on different shopping journeys with different end goals in mind. That is why retail displays must be highly individualised according to your target client. After all, retail is detail so they say and in this case, the crucial detail is an engaging sensory shopping experience.

Take the Vodafone pop-up space that Design Clarity put together for travel and shopping hubs. This portable creation had to stay resoundingly true to the established Vodafone brand yet morph successfully into a quick-service kiosk for time-poor travellers and ‘power shoppers’.  Strong, sturdy open-plan construction brought customers and Vodafone staff intimately face-to-face while allowing the pop-up to be shifted to different locations with ease. iPads were on-hand for customer use in case they needed a quick online fix. Meanwhile the pop up was perfect for grabbing vital conveniences like a charger or headphones. As far as retail displays go, Vodafone pop-ups allowed the company to capture a once-untapped section of the express consumer market while maintaining a vibrant cohesive brand story.

Compare Vodafone pop-ups with Design Clarity’s work on Sheridan’s boutique concept store at Melbourne’s premium shopping precinct, Chadstone. Design Clarity leveraged insightful retail displays to bolster Sheridan’s diversification into broader lifestyle products. Factors like tailored signage space, large exchangeable lifestyle graphics, distinguished colour scheme and illuminated wall bays all contributed to expanding Sheridan’s brand to showcase their new market offerings.

When it comes to fashion forward retail, Design Clarity is the ultimate choice for inspired retail displays. Yet these specialists also bring so much more to the table including point of sale, visual merchandising, shop-fits, design and build. Just take a look at some of their recent work for major retailers like: