Modern cinema design fit for the big screen

Roll out the red carpet for modern cinema design. The star of this show earns acclaim by elevating patron experiences to incredible new highs. Whether it’s movie theatres or any other entertainment venue, the principles of design make for powerful patron captivation.

No longer is a visit to the movies merely a fold-down seat and a bucket of popcorn. Modern cinema design ensures that this traditional movie experience has well and truly had its heyday. Now trendy bars, inviting restaurants, contemporary cafes and even live music are all rolled into the multi-purpose cinema venue of today. 

But it isn’t just about refashioning the traditional cinema venue as a whole. What goes on inside the movie theatre is getting the star treatment too.

Modern cinema design ushers in:

  • Plush functional chairs: invites patrons to sink into large, comfortable chairs with generous arm rests
  • High quality cinema experience: excellent acoustics, viewing, air quality and lighting
  • Smart logistics: excellent planning of seating patterns and film projection
  • Temperature control: nobody wants to sweat or shiver their way through their movie experience. So this keeps ambient room temperature for optimum patron comfort

Modern cinema design makes for a truly immersive and premium movie-goer experience. Patrons don’t need to splash out on Gold Class tickets to enjoy this. Even standard tickets afford patrons access to a truly plush memorable movie experience. It treats movie-goers to an array of dining, beverage, entertainment and gathering options to complement their movie – all under one roof.  This stellar team works across Australia and the world delivering outstanding design. Just take a look at some of projects they’re currently working on including:

  • Event Cinema Toowoomba, QLD
  • Event Cinema Toombul, QLD