Modern pub design is community-led

Pubs occupy a special place in the community. Here locals and visitors alike gather to relish relaxed socialising and a casual space available morning through to evening for a full hospitality experience. Modern pub design recognises the vibrant role that pubs play in the community. As such, modern pub design has the community at its heart and a richer, warmer more personalised consumer experience is the result.

Modern pub design made to last

Going to the pub” is a phrase that can be used any time throughout the day or evening. Modern pub design welcomes patrons to:

  • – Partake in a delicious laid-back breakfast or brunch
  • – Drop in for coffee, a sweet treat or casual morning tea
  • – Gather some friends, work colleagues or clients together for a pub lunch
  • – Visit for an afternoon drink and chips
  • – Enjoy a full pub dinner and kick on for drinks
  • – Enjoy social facilities such as sports viewing and gaming


Offering an all-day/all-evening service experience demands exceptional design flexibility. Pub spaces must be highly adaptable to roll with the changing service needs and atmosphere of the morning crowds all the way through to the evening night-lifers. That is why modern design is spearheading a return from more industrialised design to a more enriched evocative styling. Modern pub design celebrates the heritage of premises, restoring former grandeur and preserving architectural beauty while ensuring exquisite patron comfort and cosy surrounds. Alongside celebrating the history of a pub premises, modern design also achieves a fresh face to stand out in the crowd.

Browns Bar & Brasserie: modern pub design in action

Design Clarity is a team of pub design specialists. A resounding example of their work is presented by Browns Bar & Brasserie. Design Clarity has redesigned 10 venues for Browns Bar & Brasserie across the UK since 2015. The redesigned Browns Bar & Brasserie venues epitomise modern pub design. Magnificent existing architecture is beautifully and thoughtfully preserved, often forming statement features within the establishment itself. Versatile dining configurations enable the space to cater to any crowd at any time. Meanwhile strategic zoning of the pub space means diverse patron groups ranging from university students to professionals can enjoy socialising in the space simultaneously.

Are you considering bringing the magic of modern pub design to your establishment? Be sure to speak with Design Clarity first.