Modern pub design celebrates heritage

So many factors go into creating a truly exceptional and memorable pub experience. From what tasty beverages are on offer to the physical premises of the pub. All of these factors are woven into successful modern pub design. This year, heritage is taking a prominent place in the fabric of modern pub design. Celebrating both the history of a pub brand and the establishment that houses the pub are being resoundingly recognised as playing a vital role in the ultimate patron experience. Celebrating heritage helps to create that comfortable personable space that many of today’s pub goers crave.

Call to your community with 

There is something about sharing great food and tasty beverages that can bring any community together. That is why modern pub design is such a cornerstone of the community. Any hospitality professional will tell you that patron demands and proclivities are always changing. Yet by honouring and maintaining the heritage of a pub, modern pub design ensures it remains valued, resonant and prized by its local community and visitors alike.

Modern pub design tends to:

  • Embrace existing architecture and capitalise on key features
  • Buck latest trends by staying true to a pub’s long-established culture
  • Boost beverage ranges to include craft beers and spirits
  • Line up exciting entertainment matched to the specific pub crowd

Modern pub design at Browns Bar & Brasserie

One of the most vibrant ways to see modern pub design in action is through Browns Bar & Brasserie. Since 2015, the stellar pub design specialists that are Design Clarity have redesigned 10 venues for the Browns Bar & Brasserie chain across the UK. In keeping with the focus on preserving heritage, Design Clarity has fully celebrated and preserved splendid architectural features like sweeping ceiling-scraping cathedral windows and magnificent golden arches. Modern pub design allows Browns Bar & Brasserie to cleverly draw together many different groups within its community together for entirely individualised hospitality experiences. University crowds are drawn to the striking bar zone likes moths to a flame. Meanwhile professionals can enjoy a more quiet sophisticated gathering in comfortable booths and couples can retreat to intimate seating under stunning stone arches.

Unleash the magic of modern pub design on your establishment today. Speak with Design Clarity.