Mutual banking relationships could mean more for everyone

Digital technology is changing the face of bank branches ushering in leaner staff footprints and clear service precincts. This means more under-used floor space in bank branches. So one of the most exciting potential evolutions of the digital age lies in mutual banking relationships. Under-utilised branch space opens the door to many valuable opportunities for community collaboration.

Working together

Just what are banks going to do with under-utilised floor space? Well the options are wide open. A café may be a suitable approach to add another dimension to customer experience or simply to draw people through the door. But one idea that is fast gaining traction is that of co-working spaces. In any given community, there are small businesses that need premises to operate out of but are not quite at a point where they can take on their own facilities. Here is where mutual banking relationships can pay dividends for all involved. A bank that sublets or creates co-working zones out of under-utilised floor space can:

  • Demonstrate strong community spirit
  • Drive enhanced small business engagement
  • Generate new lending relationships
  • Improve cash flow by generating an additional source of income

Mutual banking relationships: mutual benefits

Emerging smart branches can be tailored by design to offer exceptional co-working capabilities. Intuitive floor plans where customers are guided swiftly and efficiently to where they need to go. Communal kitchenette, coffee, lounge and water cooler zones boost interaction between small business and the bank. This enables the resident small business to grow on the strength of the branch’s customised banking service. Meanwhile, the bank can glean much about the needs, goals and challenges of the small business.

Would your branch consider repurposing under-utilised space for co-working opportunities? Design Clarity is the team you want to work with for bringing mutual banking relationships into being with ease and efficiency. This expert team gets every aspect of your bank design working at its optimum from floor layout engaging customer experience touchpoints, digital technology zones to service precincts. Speak with Design Clarity today.