New banking styles offer the best of both worlds

Don’t count the bank branch out yet. Perhaps branches will not look the same as they traditionally have but that does not mean they will no longer be with us. New banking styles reimagine the branch rather than making it a redundant concept. Bank patrons want the convenience of quick easy digital transactions right alongside the human touch of branch staff for substantive advice and information. So to remain relevant and pivotal to the overall customer experience, branches need to deliver both.

Branch experience is key

Against the backdrop of new banking styles, customers still want to work with branches. Yet as their focus is on interactions rather than transactions, the customer experience needs to be something quite exceptional. Banking should be easy for patrons. So successful branches will be those that deliver:

  • Informed responsive staff
  • Minimal wait times
  • Individualised service
  • Enhanced convenience

Design transformation brings new banking styles to life

Essentially new banking styles are a multi-faceted fusion of the physical in-branch experience with pioneering digital technologies that deliver a seamless omnichannel approach. Banks like BankWest and People’s Choice Credit Union are already breaking new ground in bank design. In these pioneering financial institutions you will find design features like:

  • Soft booth seating for semi-private customer discussions
  • Vertical signage pylons and street markings to guide customer journeys
  • Standing and seated meeting hubs for swift simple consultations 
  • Suspended expert bar portal for face-to-face advice
  • Online zone where customers can access PCs, iPads and free wifi
  • Communal tables
  • Interactive kids zone
  • Much more

In addition to such innovative design features, pods are fast gaining traction as a key player in new banking styles. Pods are individual workstations that patrons can simply walk up to and have their transactional needs met. No more impersonal seating of tellers all in a row with customers lining up to access their assistance.

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