New generation store design: oh so now

New generation store design is a delicious intermingling of in-store experience with immersive digital technologies. No longer does either of these fierce retail forces have to stand alone. Together they are stronger and consumers are reaping the benefits – as are the forward-thinking retailers who strategically deploy them. Health and beauty retail is an industry that illuminates the exciting effectiveness of new generation store design.

Getting into the nitty gritty of new generation store design  

Health and beauty retail has many players. Supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores – all are strong contenders and fierce competitors. To stay relevant and ahead of the game, health and beauty retailers are increasingly required to have a pioneering mindset. That is why retail health and beauty plus digital technology is a match made in heaven. Adopting an omnichannel approach enables health and beauty retailers to:

  • – Tap into new consumers markets to generate new revenue streams
  • – Refine and revolutionise the customer experience
  • – Build multi-channel sales
  • – Craft authentic in-store destinations for health and beauty needs
  • – Remove barriers to purchase with features like sample boxes


Sephora: a new generation store design sensation

Leading international health and beauty presence, Sephora shines an illuminating spotlight on new generation store design. A highly personalised union of in-store and online services is the order of the day at Sephora.

Digitally, Sephora now offers customers the opportunity to try out beauty looks, discover best colour matches, connect with other beauty community members and keep up to date with the latest up-to-the-minute beauty trends – all from the comfort and convenience of their iPads.

Inside the physical Sephora shop, new generation store design converts consumers like crazy. Smart innovations like mini skin-care kits allow consumers to try new product ranges with little commitment or financial outlay. Meanwhile the scintillating mask bar offers consumers express mask treatments right there in-store. Plus the inspired touch of offering engraving to personalise beauty products means Sephora is the obvious choice for gift-buying or simply true health and beauty aficionados.

Sephora is doing it. Your health and beauty retail establishment can do it too. To embark on a truly high-impact successful new generation store design project, you need the right expertise in your corner. You need Design Clarity. Speak to this specialist team today.