Offline and online retail design: can they both be friends?

As a player in the retail space, you have probably heard about the offline vs online retail design debate. Yet perhaps you have not considered that it does not have to be one or the other. Increasingly, strong examples are emerging of offline and online retail design each working in common.

Online retail design goes offline

One thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is that the retail space is being reinvented. So perhaps it is not surprising that retailers who do their business from a physical storefront are clambering to build an online presence. At the same time, there is a simultaneous scramble among online retailers to open physical storefronts.

Retail design can offer a host of shopper conveniences. At a mere click, customers can browse full ranges of whatever has their interest, from homewares to clothes, electronics to furniture. Yet where is that experiential element that consumers continue to savour? In-store is the only way shoppers can see, feel and interact with products.

Furthermore, relationships are the currency of repeat custom. It is challenging to deliver meaningful brand experiences and build lasting loyal relationships from behind a screen. This is yet another reason why online retail design is increasingly being complemented with a physical store.

Online retail design and the omnichannel

So what does the future of online retail design look like? Essentially retail is seeing the rise of the omnichannel. Here is where seamless retail experiences are delivered across myriad platforms to give consumers the best of all worlds. With the omnichannel in play, online and in-store experiences stand together.

Online retail design in the modern age is a dynamic multi-faceted creature. Fortunately you have access to specialists like Design Clarity who can help you achieve powerful online retail design teamed with omnichannel expertise. The Design Clarity team have an impressive portfolio showing the cohesive retail experiences they have achieved for clients across Australia and UK. Speak to Design Clarity today.