Personalised retail displays: the way of the future

Retail displays are undergoing a revolution. It is all thanks to the aptly-named Personal Information Economy or ‘Digital Halo’ in which modern business operates. This revolution capitalises on the significant personal data that consumers put out into the marketplace. Smart retailers drill down through such data to grassroots detail that empowers them to tailor compelling personal connections with those consumers they wish to target. One example of this in action is strategically individualised retail displays linked to specific consumer needs, motivations and purchasing methods.

Looking at large groups of consumers like Gen Y is no longer enough to forge compelling shopping experiences. Within a single generation consumer group like Gen Y are several ‘sub-groups’, each with their own unique mindsets, desires and buying habits. Gen A is a shining example of just such a sub-group. Gen A are those at the older end of the Gen Y pool.  A highly intelligent, talented and fast pace-loving bunch, Gen A will certainly not be captivated by retail displays or strategy aimed broadly at Gen Y. As such, retailers who delve deeper into generational data and isolate specific sub-groups will reap terrific rewards. In essence, for retailers, this is economic self-creation.

So what is the lesson in all of this? Before you begin crafting retail displays, first know thy consumer. Not just in the traditional ‘they belong to this generation group’ style but rather by going deeper into the generation data to hit the truly personal level. In this way, you can tailor retail displays to give specific consumer groups a sense of being personally valued thus inspiring trust, loyalty and repeat business. Without doubt, the personal touch counts for a lot – especially in the realm of retail displays.

Every member of every generation wants to feel cared about. The triggers by which they come to experience this feeling, however, can be highly distinct from generation to generation and sub-group to sub-group. Here is where capitalising on consumer personal data can be a genuine ace in the hole of any conscientious retailer. Design Clarity has a vast track record of crafting retail displays that resonate resoundingly with specific consumer groups, drawing on the fruits of the modern Personal Information Economy. Get in touch today to discuss your project.