Pop up shop designers deliver newfound popularity

Pop up shop designers are genuine change-makers. Their vision and nous can be the determining factor in your store success. So much rides on your store layout yet this factor is often overlooked or downplayed. Yet snappy pop-up stores can achieve resounding customer engagement and conversion with the right layout. Here is where pop up shop designers come in to play. Design Clarity know precisely what it takes to make your pop up shop pop. Here are three tips this leading team of pop up shop designers can share to help you achieve a layout your customers will fall in love with:

Tip 1: Do decompression right

Every store has one. The decompression zone. Here is where customers temporarily close the door on the world outside and step into your playing field. Do they simply walk out again or does your store beguile them to linger longer? Pop up shop designers ensure your decompression zone pays dividends through bright open space, engaging ambiance and an undeniable compulsion to venture further inside.   

Tip 2: The wall can change it all

Where do customers turn when they enter your store? Research tells us that they turn right. That’s why pop up shop designers give your right facing wall special attention. Here is the perfect backdrop to provide dazzling displays of your hero products or most important promotions. You will literally be placing these drawcards smack bang in your customers’ first line of sight.

Tip 3: Pave the way

Customers are on a journey and like all journey goers, they need a ‘map’. Pop up store designers pave an indiscernible yet highly impactful path to guide your consumers in all the right directions. Naturally your consumer pathway will be full to the brim with compelling product displays, cohesive branding and vital interfaces. Don’t be shy about using floor markings or physical objects like shelving to steer your consumers where you want them to go. Visual merchandising hot spots and signage make terrific ‘speed bumps’ to slow customers down and optimise their buy-time.

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