Pop up store design that really pops

Pop up stores may not last forever but the impression they leave on consumers certainly can. The right pop up store design allows you to turn your temporary retail event into a permanent legacy of brand cut-through and market learnings.

A closer look at pop up store design

A pop up store is exactly as its name describes: a temporary retail space that just ‘pops up’ to sell its merchandise for a short period of time. Pop up stores offer retailers a host of benefits including: 

Deeper customer knowledge and connection: pop up stores are small spaces often located in the heart of retail centres. A vast contrast to large sweeping retail stores where customers often have to search for and track down staff, pop up stores bring retailer and consumer instantly and closely together. So the pop up format facilitates the forming of deeper more personal connections with consumers. Not only does this increase brand cut-through but it also enables retailers to get to know their consumers much more in-depth. What a great way to test or launch new products

Leverage excitement: pop up stores are often seen as the bright new shiny presence in any given retail space. Here is a perfect opportunity for retailers to leverage the excitement generated by their pop up store to build awareness, personal customer interface and brand recognition. Don’t forget, the more polished and vibrant your pop up store design, the more buzz your pop up store will create

Save working capital: This is not always true as some pop-up stores are very expensive, to create a maximum impact in a minimum time. That is a lot of working capital to keep in your back pocket. For retailers who transact largely online, a pop up store is a highly cost effective way to forge personal relationships with clients that can then be translated into an online retail model


Importance of pop up store design

Not all pop up stores are created equal. These short sharp sweet retail spaces may be temporary but to kick their intended goals, pop up stores need insightful high impact layout and aesthetics. Here is where pop up store design pays dividends in brand activation. Pop up store design ensures that your brand is clearly articulated while your space is agile enough to facilitate swift personalised service and engaging merchandise display.

Pop up stores can be powerful business builders so ensure your pop up packs a punch. Put progressive pop up store design to work. Speak with Design Clarity about your pop up store design requirements. You and your business have everything to gain.