Precinct design agency

Traditional shopping malls are outdated. Customers no longer visit shopping centres simply to shop. Modern malls are built to deliver rich dynamic patron experiences. Social gathering, sensory dining experiences and exciting entertainment are all part of the package. Integral to the reimagined contemporary shopping centre is the merging of restaurant and entertainment offerings with the retail shopping space. Successful merging requires the customer experience to rest at the heart of all space planning. Here is where a precinct design agency can be the difference-maker.

How a hospitality precinct happens

Everyone is a foodie in this day and age. While proclivities and preferences may vary greatly, patrons come to a shopping centre to enjoy a multitude of choice, all that food has to offer both social and sensory. As such, every modern shopping centre must have a thriving hospitality precinct.  The right precinct design agency ensures you nail user experience. Perfecting wayfinding and streamlining customer journeys are important pieces in the hospitality precinct puzzle. We recognise the fact that it’s also vital to encourage patrons to linger. In this way, you secure repeat business and ensure patrons savour the enriching memorable experiences that your expertly designed shopping centre delivers. A precinct design agency knows how to strike the perfect balance between achieving ease of customer movement and that all-important enticement of customers to stay, savour and shop.

Key ingredients to hospitality precinct design

Understanding the hospitality space is critical when fusing dining options with retail. Any clever precinct design agency knows that foodies of all kinds are spoilt for choice. Food trucks, vibrant restaurants, food courts, cafes with vibe, laid-back pubs: all are there for the taking. So because shopping centres look to dining and entertainment to keep patrons staying, paying and coming back for more, the same diversity of dining choices must be considered in hospitality precinct design. The right precinct design agency ensures you give the customers what they want but also serve up a bunch of fresh options to pique their adventurous side and capture imagination.

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