Professional bank design making an impact

Bank design speaks volumes! So banks from metropolitan Melbourne to rural Australia are turning up the sound on vivid visual identity. Banking patrons are tuning in to amplified brand personalities, enhanced consumer experience and enticing bank spaces. So what is this bold new wave? Bank design

It is pretty safe to assume that you don’t really notice bank design when entering a bank, but that is a good thing. When a space is designed to make a customer feel a particular way, whether that is invigorated, comfortable or ready to shop, there are subtle techniques employed, and bank design is no exception.

Design Clarity are an award winning design agency who specialises in design and are well known bank designer experts. In the past, bank designs have been very corporate, cold and  vast open spaces to make customers feel small and perhaps a little intimidated. These days, banks are seeing the potential of making their buildings more inviting, with a focus on warm customer service.

Bank design Sydney and Melbourne and even bank design London has become much more contemporary and banks are feeling the effects with happier customers. Design Clarity works with banks to design a space that assists with creating these happy feelings.

Expert bank designers will:

  • Maximise form and function while making the space feel inviting and warm
  • Create a friendly and approachable feel for your bank branch
  • If needed, create a contemporary feel that will appeal to a younger audience
  • Craft a great customer journey from door to bank teller

If you are looking to hire a bank designer in Sydney or hire a bank designer in Melbourne, then look no further than Design Clarity. Their creative agency has some of the best bank designers Australia has to offer and are more than happy to discuss the particulars of your project. Here are some examples of their bank design work are proof of their expertise in this area:

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