Professional bar designers add value to your bar

Most metropolitan cities are designed so you are never far from a bar. From London to Sydney and beyond, people like to have a drink and socialise at the hot night spots of a city. That includes locals and travellers alike. Every corner and almost every block holds the promise of a great time with beers, wines and spirits flowing freely.

With so much choice, comes so much competition. So how do bar owners keep bums on barstools, feet on dance floors and customers coming through the door? Two words: bar design.

Design Clarity has some of the most experienced, and quite frankly, the best bar designers in a number of global locations. We know the unique challenges of carving a niche in the competitive market of bars and restaurants.

It doesnt’ matter whether you are looking for something sophisticated, casual or crazy futuristic, our bar designers can bring all the benefits of savvy interior design to your bar no matter who your desired patron.

Benefits like:

  • Powerful brand equity to build your bar’s ‘personality’ and service promise
  • Highly functional spaces to reduce bar queuing times and maximise operational efficiency
  • Enticing ambiance that lures patrons through your door and keeps them coming back
  • Optimal use of all your location advantages
  • Implementation of new and evolving bar design trends
  • Design longevity so you needn’t constantly refurbish your bar to remain in vogue
  • Attention from higher paying patrons to diversify your market position

Our bar design concepts create a unique sense of place for your establishment so you draw more customers through the door, leading to a buzzing venue and more profitable business.

Need some proof? No problems. Just take a browse through our recent bar and hospitality design projects Design Clarity have succesfully created and project managed:

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