Put new generation store design into your trolley

Grocery shopping but not as we know it. Thanks to new generation store design, there are big changes afoot in the grocery store sector. No longer is grocery shopping a chore but rather a vibrant sensory experience that will leave you counting down the minutes to go to the supermarket. New generation store design has turned ‘getting the groceries’ on its head.

New generation store design for all tastes

Just how many tantalising experiences can you fit under one grocery store roof? New generation store design has not only risen to this challenge but is constantly pushing the envelope. Now foodies and health nuts no longer need to hunt around for the next Farmer’s Market or hippest new food joint. All they need to do is head to the grocery store. Modern supermarket delis are brimming with mouth-watering fare including plump stuffed olives, flavour-packed salamis and a host of tasty cheeses. Meanwhile new generation store design by no means leaves lovers of fresh produce and baking wanting. Rainbows of seasonal fruit and vegetables are presented market-style. You can even grab a terrific barista-made coffee from your grocer while you are exploring the offerings.

How Harris Farm Markets does new generation store design

Cheese rooms, cellar door, seafood bar and pizzeria. All this and more is there for the savouring at Harris Farm Markets, one of Australia’s largest independent grocers. New generation store design has transformed Harris Farm Markets into an immersive sensory experience. Alongside being a haven for foodies and fine beverage lovers, Harris Farm Markets also offers free fruit for kids, imperfect picks at cheaper prices and all the convenience of a click and collect service.

Design Clarity is the name that is synonymous with new generation store design. With a proven track record of achieving transformational results, Design Clarity brought an edge to the Harris Farm Markets store design. This stellar team worked on a set a design guidelines for the brand that could be rolled out across multiple sites. Design Clarity also did early concepts and council drawings for some sites. You can get the same leading expertise working on your new generation store design project. Speak with the specialists today. Get in touch with Design Clarity.