Raise your glass to bar design brilliance

Trying to make your bar the place to be in Sydney? Design Clarity is your bar tender with a difference. Rather than tend your patrons, these talented bar designers tend your space. Just watch as your bar takes on a unique sense of place. All matched to your patrons, location and vision. It isn’t simple to stand out in a saturated bar-scape like Sydney. But with the right team of bar designers on hand you can resoundingly achieve just that. And Design Clarity is certainly the right team.

A delicious cocktail brings patrons scurrying back for more, and an inspired bar design does the same for your establishment. Design Clarity mixes magic in your space to deliver:

  • Supremely functional spaces boasting optimum operational efficiency and minimal queuing time at the bar
  • Effervescent ambiance that gets your bar sending out all the right vibes. From street front to bring patrons in and interior design to keep them there until close
  • Creatively leveraged location so all advantages from parking to kerbside features are used to your maximum benefit
  • Timeless design so your bar does not date or fall out of trend
  • Market diversification opportunities as your bold new bar design grows your market share and attracts new patron sectors
  • Cohesive effective expression of your bar’s service promise and unique character

Bar design trends are constantly evolving. Particularly as bar owners are constantly called upon to come up with fresh ways to keep pace with this competitive market. Design Clarity bring you up-to-the-minute and emerging Sydney bar design knowledge. So you can not only keep pace with your market but steal a march on competitors. Smart bar design is that powerful.

The brilliant bar designers at Design Clarity have already amassed a proven track record of success. We’ve helped numerous Sydney, Australia and UK bars to wield the influence to insightful interior design. Some of our success stories include: