Research is Key for Final Purchase

The results are in for retail store designers: contrary to popular belief, online consumers still prefer shopping offline. While online shopping has no doubt increased in popularity over the years, so has a different approach to shopping… Savvy millennials lead the way in conducting online research before making in-store purchases.

This is great news for brick-and-mortar stores, but it also means that since the physical store is most likely the final destination for the purchase, you’ll still need to have professional design practices in place to secure the sale. This is where retail store designers like Design Clarity come in to play to help you hammer out some effective store designs that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

1. Quick and Easy

As part of a recent study, results showed that the speed of delivery was a high factor in online shopping. Millennials are notorious for wanting immediate gratification, and physical stores can capitalise on this experience by making their in-store purchases quick and easy. Two ways to do this? Make sure you always have your advertised products in stock and keeping the waiting lines down to an absolute minimum – or at least keep them entertained and comfortable while they wait!

2. The Senses are Key

In several studies, tactile desire was the leading reason why shoppers ultimately choose to go in-store. Results also showed that members of Gen Z tend to gravitate toward experiential shopping when making purchases, which involves social, human interaction. What does this mean for you? An amazing, retail store design layout. This includes subconsciously attracting and keeping the customer by way of decompression zones, digital signage, attractive displays, and and well thought customer journey.

3. Online Research Leads to Offline Purchase

Millennials have unknowingly created a new trend in shopping that every retail store should take advantage of. Surveys have shown that well over half of consumers research products online before they pop into a brick and mortar store for that final purchase. What does this mean for you? Retail stores must have a first-class digital presence so that they’re providing consumers with what they’re looking for: information on the products. These include detailed product descriptions, plenty of high-quality images, and consumer-generated ratings and reviews.

This may sound like a huge endeavour, reaching different generations through a new store layout and optimised digital presence. But that’s why Design Clarity is here. Contact our retail store designers to see how we can help you reach your goals. Until then, take a browse through our amazing portfolio.