Restaurant design: a must-have for business success

Attempting to launch a food business without restaurant design is akin to serving a messy hotch-potch plate of food to a discerning foodie.

Running a food business is vastly different to serving up your incredible culinary creations at home. Your family and friends will forgive you a haphazard dining experience or overwhelming choice of cuisine options because they know your cooking is infused with personal love and passion. Yet when it comes to business, love just ain’t enough. Restaurant design integrates your natural passion for food with sound business strategy, a compelling dining experience and purposeful offer.

Naturally every food business will have its own unique value proposition and restaurant design requirements. Yet there are some set-up fundamentals that are common to all. Here, vastly successful Wrap it up! restauranteur Faisal Haque shares a handful of his best advice to set your fledgling food business up for success. As you may well expect, restaurant design features prominently.

Have a sole value proposition

Trying to be all things to all people is a grand mistake. Settle on a single product or theme that your consumers will come to recognise as distinctly yours. By simplifying your offer, you will make your consumers’ life and dining choice easier. Restaurant design takes your one key differentiator and visually translates this throughout your entire premises. So your consumers become fully immersed in that one thing you are known for – and carry a lasting memory of this with them to share with others and return to your restaurant for more.

Pinpoint your product

A premium product choice will carry powerful appeal across diverse consumer groups. Think pizza, loved by one and all regardless of age, life stage or lifestyle. A great choice in champion product will bring put bums on seats. Exceptional service, delicious food and expert restaurant design will keep your full house rolling.

Strategic appointment

Place your food business is the perfect place to capture your target patrons. Whether your desired consumer is the lunchtime office crowd, discerning evening diner or weekend nightlife lovers, where you set up your restaurant plays a huge part in its success.

Build a captivating brand

Restaurant design recognises that branding is key. Some may even say it is king. Design Clarity crafts compelling branding that sets patrons’ mouths watering before they have even tasted your cuisine. From colour choice to visual presentation and imagery that patrons eat with their eyes, brilliant branding and successful restaurant design always go hand in glove.

When it comes to launching a food business, getting it right first time means you have a world of opportunities at your feet. Like diversification into new markets or franchising. Restaurant design lies at the heart of any successful food business and no one does restaurant design like Design Clarity. Speak with us today.