Restaurant design gets its green on

Eat your greens has taken on a whole new meaning in the context of restaurant design. The modern slant on this age-old maxim is really all about underpinning design and menu creation on sustainability. This extremely worthy mission has its origin in a healthy sustainability focus that is permeating the decision-making ethos of modern consumers. As the green movement gathers momentum it is both unsurprising and incredibly pleasing that it is spilling into restaurant design and onto progressive restaurants’ plates.

One of the most exciting aspects of the industry is that it is molded and evolved by consumer attitudes themselves. Alongside this, restaurant design also cannot sit separately or unaffected by broader corporate trends and focus.

So how is modern restaurant design seeing green? Well how about the end of ‘a la carte’ dining options at Michelin star restaurants as a starter? A la carte while having been a popular dining mode also comes hand in hand with significant food waste.

In France doggy bags are hotly in vogue as yet another way of keeping food out of landfill. In fact doggy bags are more than just the latest French fashion accessory. Diners whose eyes are bigger than their tummies are now legally obliged to take their uneaten main course home in a doggy bag. So more and more people are enjoying that respected French meal known as ‘left o’vers’.

Sustainable restaurant design is also ramping up in Scotland. One of the most fervent expressions of the dining sustainability ethos can be found in the Scottish Good to Go campaign. In Inverness and the Highlands, restaurant design must take close account of food waste strategy and process. If your eatery churns out 5kg or more of weekly food waste you have two choices: separate scraps and recycle what is salvageable or be hit with significant fines.

Sustainability is now central to restaurant design around the world. Need some help with sustainable restaurant design? Speak to the specialists, Design Clarity today.