Restaurant design UK: keep down the din

Din not dinner. That is what restaurant design UK is all about. Certainly contemporary minimalist styling is all the rage for restaurants today. Yet this design theme has a high-impact side-effect: noise. Just where do you think all that din from background music, chatter, staff conversation and food preparation go when there are precious few surfaces to soak them up? They reverberate right back into the restaurant space meaning that the carefully cultivated ‘buzz’ now commonly goes overboard.

So is dining with sound effects really so bad? Current research in restaurant design UK says it is. Eateries are frequented by patrons as lively places to socialise, catch up with friends and enjoy stimulating conversation. Yet many diners now leave their restaurant of choice having heard only a smidgeon of what their dining companions have said. While lively buzz is a sought after part of the dining experience, not being able to hear ones companions is not so highly prized.

Furthermore, old yet established research by University of Manchester yields pertinent yet concerning points. The research aimed to get to the bottom of why food served on planes always tasted so bland and unpalatable. The experiment found that significant background noises drives down salt and sweet flavor detection on the part of the diner. Meanwhile their ability to perceive bitterness rose. Imagine: all that cuisine artistry your chefs create may be lost on your diners due to din in the restaurant.

Now Design Clarity is transforming restaurant design UK by dealing with the din. Our expert team knows full well that some noise creates appealing energy and vibe that patrons are drawn too. So the focus certainly isn’t to eliminate noise. Rather, Design Clarity is well-versed in the do’s and don’ts of restaurant noise. We help progressive UK restaurants strike the perfect balance between buzz and bellow by incorporating noise control measures into design. Our restaurant design UK approach incorporates touches like:

  • Strategic placement of physical barriers and recesses to disburse soundwaves
  • Careful choice of fabrics and soft furnishings to buffer noise
  • Placement of rubber caps on furniture and soft carpet or mats on main thoroughfares

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