Restaurant designers roll with veganism

One of the meatiest trends facing restaurant designers right now is the rapid rise of vegan restaurants. In 2016, Australia was already the third fastest-growing vegan market in the world and it hasn’t slowed its roll. Vegan restaurants speak volumes to anyone who consider their road to a healthier more ethical diet is paved by vegetables, grains, fruits and alternative milks.

Vegan restaurants are experiencing a surge in popularity for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Social media extensively promotes healthier lifestyles
  • Vegan options are increasingly accessible and tasty
  • That coveted Millennials market is making vegan restaurants even more of a hip choice. Increasing numbers of young people are cutting meat and dairy out their diets for both health and ethical reasons
  • Celebrity vegans are further feeding the uprising of veganism. Think Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Russell Brand, Mort Zuckerman, even Bill Clinton

Restaurant designers know that the market in which they work is always a moving feast. Consumer attitudes shape and transform design trends and the rise of veganism is no different.

The right restaurant designers know just how to wholly embrace and express the uniqueness of a vegan eatery’s brand and offer. Naturally not every vegan eatery is the same either. Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne has sleek earthy tones, vibrant coloured wholefoods and natural pottery plates. Meanwhile, Smith&Daughters serves up a more rustic environment with fresh chillis growing instore courtesy of freestanding mini vegetable gardens. Old photos and artwork adorn the walls and exposed brick provides a rustic warmth. Restaurant designers have had a hand here in crafting distinctive ambience, branding and consumer targeting that works to the utmost advantage of the respective vegan restaurants.

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