Restaurant interiors for all tastes

Hit shows like Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules have shone the spotlight on the meticulous attention to detail restaurant standard food prep demands. Yet beyond the kitchen, restaurant interiors are a key determinant of how successfully a hospitality brand cuts through their target patrons.

Modern diners seek to put themselves on the spot of engaging hospitality action. Dining out these days is all about savouring a multi-sensory experience. Here is where restaurant interiors can be worth their weight in gold. Insightful restaurateurs are elevating their restaurant spaces to supercharge brand stories, woo new patrons, diversify into fresh markets and set themselves apart from the ample competition. Design Clarity is the name behind many restaurant interiors success stories.

Profound results are achieved by Design Clarity due to a meticulous attention to detail and vast experience across all manner of hospitality hubs. Under Design Clarity’s expert care, your restaurant thrives with reinvigorated:

  • Immersion: why not make a display of all that absorbing kitchen activity? Today’s patrons cannot get enough of seeing how their food is crafted from scratch. Even if you do not put your full food preparation zone on display, Design Clarity can help you tap into this trend. We orchestrate restaurant interiors to ensure your patrons are ideally positioned to see key food and beverage-making activities. Take a look at Din Tai Fung’s dim sim show kitchen as an example
  • Space: always have one eye to the future of your restaurant. Sustained growth and diversification are always watchwords of long-term planning. Design Clarity primes your restaurant interiors with the agility to grow alongside market demand for your hospitality.
  • Functionality: restaurant interiors must do much more than look and feel great. The very essence of your restaurant performance lies within its premises walls. Design Clarity primes your service flow by eliminating wasted space and streamlining operations from front to back of house. Every inch of restaurant interiors should work its hardest for you and Design Clarity ensures this is the case
  • Distinction: having just one element that is unlike anything your competitors can offer can be enough to set your restaurant interiors apart. Design Clarity supports you in carving out niche attractions for your restaurant. Just like the first Corian magnetic train of its kind in Australia that can be found at Gari sushi in Sydney

Design Clarity restaurant interiors are inspired, inventive and ingenious. Just take a look at these recent examples:

  • Din Tai Fung – Emporium Melbourne
  • Moo Moo Bar & Grill
  • Pasta Remoli
  • Gari