Restaurant transformation on a roll

Restaurant transformation is trending right now but the results are here to stay. Progressive restaurant owners increasingly recognise that the way to get patrons’ bums on seats, they must first captivate patrons’ minds. Here is where restaurant transformation comes heavily into play to craft resonating patron experiences. The right restaurant transformation begins with sharp definition or redefinition of the restaurant’s brand and identity then goes all the way through to consider rituals, signature consumer touchpoints, heritage features and persona profiles. Not all restaurant transformation is created equal. For restaurant transformation that continually raises the bar, speak with Design Clarity first.

Browns Brasserie & Bar sets the bar

Design Clarity specialise in restaurant transformation across Australia and the UK. The stellar work of this leading team caught the eye of Browns Brasserie & Bar. Over the past few years, Design Clarity has been delivering benchmark-setting transformation for over 10 Browns Brasserie & Bar venues – and the results have been award-winning.

Restaurant transformation is a multi-faceted process. Design Clarity began with a simple question: who is Browns Brasserie & Bar? The team got right down to the essence of the restaurant’s brand personalities, values and hallmarks. It was important to pinpoint those irreplaceable elements of Browns’ identity that needed to be retaining throughout the transformation process.

Design Clarity looked deeply into current Browns Brasserie & Bar venues as they stood at that time. What worked well? What didn’t work? What design features were currently in play? How did the service roll out and measure up? What atmosphere was cultivated. All these factors were given close attention then analysed according to benchmarks and customer profiles.

Restaurants are brimming with patron touchpoints. Design Clarity mapped out what signature touchpoints would be leveraged as part of the restaurant transformation. Front of mind at all times was the creation of memorable customer experiences to propel Browns Brasserie & Bar forward in both brand cut-through and business performance.

Brand new Browns comes into being

Stage 2 of Design Clarity’s approach involved crafting a design concept for Browns Brasserie and Bar. Again, customer experience formed the heart of this process. Aspects of the concept created by Design Clarity included:

– Retaining superb architectural heritage features

– Crafting splendid theatre-style bar zone

– Versatile dining configurations that use a variety of space features

Ready to blow wonderful winds of change with restaurant transformation? Speak to Design Clarity today.