Retail bank design gets friendly

Thanks to the creative team at Design Clarity, bank design is no longer the stuffy, boring and bland landscape that it once was.

We have brought a new vision to some of Australia’s most forward-thinking and innovative banks; a retail banking experience that is actually enjoyable for customers and bank staff alike. Yes, it’s a banking revolution!

With multiple friendly bank design projects under our belt, we consider ourselves the experts at coming up with retail solutions for banks that help change the customer experience of banking for the better. Sometimes, all you need is a little thinking outside the box to come up with the very best ideas to achieve a great result.

If you need a little more convincing then browse our previous work, we know you’ll be inspired to get in touch for a chat!

  • Bankwest Flagship Store Perth: Our design team worked closely with CBA Group Property to push the Bankwest brand even further than before, with zones for innovation and future-proofing. Traffic-style markings evocative of pedestrian intersections create a directional, striped floor, and vertical signage pylons act as speed bumps, assisting with customer navigation. Read more.
  • People’s Choice Credit Union: The brief was to create an ‘anti-bank’ and the team went to town in revolutionising everything we have known about ‘visiting the bank’!Our team produced an innovative concept that focused on the visual segmentation of the space into three zones; a personal, a communal and an unconventional social strip as the core of the design. Read more.

The team at Design Clarity can assist you with the best bank design for your business, simply drop us a line via the contact form or call on the numbers at the top of this website.