Retail banking design hopped up on happiness

Retail banking design can invoke all manner of emotion. Happiness is the order of the day in Bankwest’s Perth flagship store. Design Clarity worked to a revolutionary brief requiring a visionary departure from traditional retail banking design. Shedding the old cloak of institutionalised banking, Bankwest called for a retail banking design solution that positioned them as the most innovative as well as the friendliest bank in Australia.

So how did Design Clarity deliver? By retaining the proud 116 year community history that Bankwest shares with the local WA community while introducing pioneering design features. Innovation zones, welcoming meeting hubs for zippy consultations and an e-based ‘browse bar’ complete with free WiFi are just a few examples of the many reasons for customers to happy about their Bankwest experience.

No matter what trappings Bankwest’s store came equipped with though, customer satisfaction would still come primarily down to service. Leveraging insightful retail banking design, Design Clarity crafted a self-service zone enabling express gratification of customer needs. Yet the Bankwest retail banking design by no means neglects those who want a more leisurely face-to-face meeting. Edgy yet private meeting rooms are aesthetically interesting and contemporary combining glass and solid structuring and slanted angling in response to traffic flow.

Directing traffic flow for optimum ease and convenience has been given literal visual expression.  From vertical signage pylons that help guide customers to a striped floor channeling pedestrian crossings, this is retail banking design at its most creative.

Retail banking design is agile enough to respond to any brief. Like all true design, Bankwest’s flagship Perth store has a healthy dose of future-proofing rolled into its execution. After all, once you have launched a groundbreaking concept you don’t want to be having to continually reinvent the wheel to stay fresh. Design Clarity has ensured Bankwest doesn’t have too. What is more, Design Clarity has done the same for other banking brands like:

  • People’s Choice Credit Union
  • Westpac
  • UAE Exchange

For transformative retail banking design, speak to the experts at Design Clarity first.