Retail banking design: jewel of the high street

Retail banking has entered a bold new age. Those staid old traditional banks that stay lagging behind have major hurdles ahead. HSBC is a prime example. Once a thriving global bank, HCBC has remained firmly ensconced in its institutional past. Now progressive engaging bank faces are sweeping the UK high street. The friendly personality and patron-centric design of challenger retail banking are drawing in the crowds. The old world order to which HCBC belongs is crumbling and those somber bank personas are struggling. HSBC is now:

  • Being forced to weigh up closing some of its UK retail banking sites
  • Losing market share to more vibrant user-friendly retail banking options

Without doubt, HSBC is falling victim to those smart institutions embracing retail banking design. Not to mention the breakthrough online banking revolution that is taking the industry by storm. Certainly no high street retail banking presence wants to follow in the footsteps of HSBC. What then does it take to stay on a high on the high street these days? The answer lies in inspired retail banking design. This force of creativity can deliver your bank:

  • Fabulous façade that gives your values and service offer impressive 3D expression
  • Cohesive brand story uniting all elements of your retail banking proposition in clear manifestation throughout your premises
  • Zero wasted space from street entrance to back of bank. This means every square inch of your premises is working its hardest to enhance patron experience and operational efficiency
  • Fastidious flow so that your patrons enjoy a smooth seamless journey throughout the bank floor. Swift gratification of needs together with clearly and conveniently appointed service zones are certain to delight
  • Vibrant product displays that help patrons engage in compelling memorable ways with information and solutions they seek. Not to mention showcasing  retail banking services and products that patrons may not even know they require

The retail banking revolution is all about delivering a bright engaging and pleasingly memorable patron experience. A complete about-face from the complicated arduous retail banking of old. How do you join or stay abreast of the hip and happening high street banking big leagues? It all starts with a call to a call to Design Clarity. This vivacious retail banking design agency has a proven track record of delivering transformative outcomes for high street bank brands in UK and Australia. Just take a look at their portfolio for recent examples like: