Retail Brands That Last

Retail brands that last: what do they have that others don’t? This is a question that many retailer and researcher alike have pondered and traversed. After all, the retail market is fiercely competitive and highly saturated. Many brands that got off to a strong start end up fading into the background or disappearing completely. So examining retail brands that last and discovering what makes these brands tick and flourish is an extremely worthy exercise for any retailer.

One key ingredient common to almost all retail brands that last is powerful emotional relationships with their consumers – and their staff. The way in which a brand connects with its key stakeholders plays a pivotal role in its longevity. Brands that last garner loyalty and enthusiasm from the team members that represent it. Engaged, passionate staff live the brand and this shines through to consumers.

Likewise, creating emotional connections with consumers is a common trait of retail brands that last. Successful brands make a difference in consumers’ lives by satisfying a resounding need or want, ensuring consumers too live the brand.

Australia is home to many retail brands that last like Sheridan and Bonds. While the Australian retail sector is ever-changing just like the global retail sector, these brands have remained constant and strong.

Sheridan has been providing luxe-chic home linen and towel designs to Australian homes since 1967. Retaining the iconic hallmarks of its successful brand, Sheridan has nonetheless evolved alongside the changing retail market, expanding its range to include broader lifestyle products that further enhance consumers’ homes. In a nutshell, Sheridan has stayed true to its roots while remaining sharply relevant to today’s market. So Australian consumers trust Sheridan has a heritage brand but also enjoy a superior purchasing experience through a modern, inviting retail store with modern refined colours, inspiring product displays and natural materials.

Bonds is another iconic Australian retail brand that has adapted to stay relevant over time. Bonds garments have been synonymous with fresh comfortable hard-wearing attire for over 100 years. With fresh funky fabrics, bright patterns and a fun spirit interwoven throughout the brand, Bonds retails consumer trust that their apparel is both hip and dependable.

Both Sheridan and Bonds craft a consumer experience that is friendly, easy, modern and pleasurable.

Retail brands that last share many common characteristics. Design Clarity specialises in crafting and growing retail brands that last like Bonds and Sheridan. To prime your retail brand to stand the test of time, speak with Design Clarity first.