Retail design company crafts the perfect P.I.E

Since when did any serious retail design company go into pie-making? As usual with leading retail design company Design Clarity, there is a lot more to this suggestion that initially meets the eye. Pies while a definitive favourite repast is not really our speciality. Yet P.I.E is right up our alley. Personal Information Economy or P.I.E is a term that is shaping the environment within which today’s retail design company works. So today, the devil lies in the data.

Data, data everywhere. This could be a theme song of the modern age. Yet how well are you harnessing the personal data of your target consumers? The P.I.E or data halo movement is the answer to forging deeper more meaningful connections with your customers. So if you are a big brand, you need to get on board fast. What is more, a progressive retail design company like Design Clarity can help you.

One of the key groups that a smart P.I.E strategy and execution can harness is the Millenials or more specifically a sub-group of this generation known as Gen A. According to ES magazine, Gen A comprises the older members of the Gen Y crown and these guys are the change-makers of our current times. Gen A take the approach that ‘if it is broke or devoid of return, fix it’. Now forward-thinking retail design company Design Clarity is following the Gen A lead, especially in a data context.

Personal consumer data holds the key to unlock genuine personal retail interactions and experiences. This epiphany is already in play by many major brands.  Just take a look at how Facebook is giving companies the means to carry out more closely targeted advertising – all courtesy of your browsing data. Then there is the work of a savvy retail design company for Sainsburys. A simple nectar card tells Sainsburys what each individual cardholder purchases. Voila, those cardholders are offered discounts on regularly purchased items.

Design Clarity is the leading retail design company that can help you get your largest slice of the P.I.E.