Retail design company revolutionises food courts

Want to see the power of a visionary retail design company at play? Behold the food court of the future. All you need do is step inside Central Kitchen nestled in the heart of that spectacular Central Park development. Prominently ensconced on level 2, Central Kitchen unites all the ingredients of a truly transformative food court dining experience – all courtesy of retail design company, Design Clarity.

First up, there is spaciousness to burn. Bold retail design company Design Clarity bid farewell to the cramped mass-produced sense cultivated by traditional food courts. Instead Central Kitchen meaders over 4000sqm and is filled with natural light rather than sterile shopping mall lighting. That means there is ample room for 651 bums on seats inside plus 54 outdoors.

Next, the views. Showing just why they are a leading retail design company, Design Clarity has ensured Central Kitchen takes full advantage of its enviable location. Diners can take a sat on a picturesque outdoor terrace and feast their eyes on gorgeous Chippendale Green. Inside flourishing vertical gardens and Eboy wall art ensures there is never a dull visual moment inside.

Did somebody say choice? You certainly will not be disappointed as Central Kitchen turns on an eclectic range of eats that will thrill even the most adventurous palette. With everything from creative street food to spicy Mexican on offer, there is truly something for everyone in this reimagined food court. Which is just as well considering that the target consumer group is as diverse as the food offerings themselves. Rising to the challenge like the innovative retail design company it is, Design Clarity tailored Central Kitchen to appeal to everyone from students to retired downsizers. Even young professionals will find plenty to trill about at Central Kitchen.

Design Clarity specialise in breaking the mould and Central Kitchen is a quintessential example of this stellar team’s talent in doing so. The top retail design company took an expansive Level 2 and transformed this into a flagship standard-setter in communal commercial dining. Unleash the same visionary capabilities on your retail design project. Speak with Design Clarity today.