Retail design tells a resounding story

Retail design is all about building emotional connections between consumer and brand. That is why the right retail design specialists are experienced storytellers who author tales of consumer captivation for your retail business. Essentially successful retail design humanises your brand, paving the way for your business to build meaningful long-term relationships with consumers through memorable experiences.

Consumers are human beings with an innate desire to belong. Simply educating consumers as to how your retail offer can benefit them is not enough to cultivate a sense of belonging. Yet when your design is built on storytelling you draw consumers into your brand story making them feel valued and part of something bigger than themselves. In other words, your retail design engenders a sense of belonging.

House of Bonds latest concept stores provide an example of retail design founded on storytelling. Here Design Clarity turned artful storytelling into a ‘fountain of youth’ for the iconic 100-year old heritage brand. Bonds has always been a staple in Australian wardrobes, so the brand enjoyed the privileged position of having an established emotional connection with consumers. Leveraging Bonds’ unique heritage, Design Clarity built a story around ‘100 years of comfy’ which encapsulated the Bonds’ legacy.

Traditional Bonds advertisements are integrated into new modern minimalistic fitting rooms with retro washing lines overhead and weatherboard panelled doors. Cheeky chat was introduced as a fun youthful retail design touch, demonstrating that Bonds may be a heritage brand but it is still relevant and connected with all age groups right up to today.

Bonds is vast collection covering a broad customer spectrum so Design Clarity leveraged retail design to make it easier for everyone to shop. Store space is divided into specific consumer precincts then easily identifiable stories were built through imagery, retail display and smart signage.

Design Clarity ensured that House of Bonds told a captivating story – one that loyal consumers would want to share with others. That means ramped up retail design, brand breakthrough and consumer conversion.