Retail innovation game-changers

Retail innovation recognises that the way businesses go to market are and must continue to evolve alongside the constantly changing retail environment. When it comes to leveraging retail innovation trends for better business, knowledge is nine tenths of the law. Here are four major trends that are propelling retail forward right now:

  1. Omni-channel shopping experience: get flexible in your online and offline shopping experience delivery. The omni-channel is a prime driver of up-to-the-minute retail innovation. Here, the worlds of e-commerce and in-store shopping merge to deliver the best possible experience for your consumers. Technology is your friend and possibly your greatest ally in achieving an optimum omni-channel experience. Think automated food ordering, interactive retail storefronts and much more. Technology drives retail innovation
  2. Interactions: there are so many touch-points where your consumers connect with all aspects of your retail offer. Your technologies, your staff, your consumer communities, your brand, even your organisation. Retail innovation relishes the challenge of elevating business operations to meet the complex demands of modern consumers. Take all the functional advantages your online shopping platform has to offer while keeping the spotlight on those all-important human interactions
  3. Brand storytelling: intensive storytelling is a core currency of retail innovation. A great-looking brand simply does not cut it. The foundation of your branding must be powerful content. Getting down to the real nitty-gritty by weaving an intensive story throughout your brand. There are few more compelling ways to speak to your consumers
  4. Social responsibility: put purpose behind your retailing. Certainly profit is a core part of retailing, yet retail innovation is increasingly revealing the importance of making a meaningful social difference. Your particular business purpose may take the form of a sustainability focus, contributions to the community or even a unique workplace culture.

One thing is for certain: the retail landscape will continue to evolve and grow. Design Clarity are recognised leaders in retail innovation. These creative leaders combine strategy and design to make meaningful connections between people and brands. Design Clarity’s impressive portfolio encompasses retail samples including: