Retail technology: taking the world by storm

Retail technology is much more than merely the new cool in service levels. Retailers as diverse as shopping centres to casual dining spots are totally transforming the way they do business courtesy of retail technology. Yet like everything, it is only as revolutionary as the strategy underpinning its deployment. Retail design specialists Design Clarity know the difference between prime execution of retail technology and more deployment that is more shaky in its credentials. How? Because we work directly with leading retailers across Australia and UK to deliver field-leading delivery that directly enhances customer experiences.

Leveraging retail technology expertise, Design Clarity has helped:

  • Westpac deliver a brand and store revolution to speak directly to millennials. Cashing in on the nighttime economy favoured by this generation, Westpac offers a 24/7 service experience. Self-service zones, dedicated iPad precincts and a destination café island are all part of the journey
  • Vodafone to generate enhanced mass market engagement. Live devices are a key feature of Vodafone pop up kiosks at Sydney Airport where interactive customer experiences are the name of the game. Just watch chance passersby be reeled in by the lure of cleverly appointed retail technology
  • Quiksilver Boardriders Coolangatta sync retail technology perfectly with the international Quiksilver pro surf competition. Interactive surfboard carousels prove irresistible to consumers who can customise their ideal board thanks to a large touchscreen
  • Clarkes shoes transform kids feet measurement using the humble iPad
  • Burberry launch a groundbreaking rich flagship fashion house including hydraulic stage, RFID microchips and much more

The possibilities are very close to being boundless. You can even pre-order your morning coffee for instant caffeine gratification thanks to a savvy little app called Skipapp. The key lies in linking deployment directly with an enhanced customer journey. Here is where Design Clarity weaves its magic. Ready to transform your business with retail technology? Speak with Design Clarity today.