Revel in retail banking design

Banking gone brilliant? What a thought. But with retail banking design, such brilliance is more than a thought. It is a reality. Retail banking design goes beyond products to revolutionise banking spaces and consumer experience. No more institutionalised ‘red tape’ excursions for banking customers. And the name leading the charge in such exciting banking horizons is Design Clarity.

Design Clarity have exceptional expertise and experience in transformative retail banking design. For too many years banking has been a frustrating, laborious and some would say dreaded necessary evil for patrons. Design Clarity recognises that the answer to this problem lies in banks’ physical premises. That is why progressive banks across Australia are turning to Design Clarity for a new way of thinking and doing business. Retail banking design transforms traditional bank premises into bright, approachable spaces with conveniences galore.

Simply step into a bank that bears the Design Clarity touch of retail banking design. You will immediately experience the difference. For a start, kids are welcome. Now that is a major turnaround from old school banking in itself. Don’t be surprised if you see designated kids activity stations featuring colouring in and entertainment.

Retail banking design also include plenty of interactive consumer tools too. Plus service personnel are genuinely happy and pleased to help. Everything a consumer needs is right there at their fingertips, even if this is just a pointer in the right direction.

Staid old banking surely does need a makeover. Retail banking design is the means to this end. Just consider the vibrant new identities that Design Clarity has crafted for major bank challenger brands across Australia. A mere walk into one of these branches is enough to convince you of the difference. Bold colours, welcoming social strips, ipads for the kids and so much more. Or to save yourself a visit, why not browse through some of the recent retail banking design work completed by industry leaders, Design Clarity: