Review the retail banking design revolution

Retail banking design is in the throes of exciting times. ‘Old school’ bank design is giving way in the face of forces like transformative technologies, evolving patron demands and diversified competition. Ensuring your retail banking design matches pace with these dynamic changes can be a tall order. Yet Design Clarity is on hand to bring creative vision, strategic genius and exceptional experience to your bank design recreation.

Really, when it comes to retail banking design, the future is now. There is no better or more vital time to rethink your retail banking design strategy. In this way you can ensure your brand is at the forefront of the banking step-change because by 2020, retail banking is certain to have a very different face.

So what can Design Clarity bring to your retail banking design? This stellar team of experts infuses your bank premises with:

  • Integrating retail strategies and patron experience enhancement into bank branches
  • Delivering advanced design across diverse mediums including pop-up service kiosks, mobile banking and remote branches
  • Rigging retail banking design with 24/7 self-service availability alongside minimal on-site personnel
  • Pioneering technology-based service solutions like large format displays similar to the media ‘future wall’ in Melbourne’s Westpac flagship head office

One of the greatest changes driving retail banking design revolution is the ‘cash light’ trend. ‘Tap and go’ payment capabilities mean there is far less reason for patrons to be weighed down with physical cash in their pockets. Rather, they can carry all necessary and available cash in handy card form and enjoy swifter easier payment processes to boot. Design Clarity ensures your design responds to this important trend through features such as reduced cash and coin transaction stations, self-service zones and plug-ins for patrons’ own devices.

Ready to get a glimpse of the future of retail banking design? Take a look through Design Clarity’s project portfolio, which includes: