Revolutionise client experience through retail banking design

Imagine enjoying every banking service convenience alongside a banking experience that is anything but typical. Retail banking design lets you deliver just this to your patrons. People don’t have to feel as though they are visiting a bank, even when they are. Retail banking design transforms the bank experience, liberating both you and your patrons from staid old institutional banking into bold new horizons.

Every space holds incredible potential. Insightful retail banking design helps you realise experiential and commercial possibilities you may never have thought possible. All it takes is some fresh thinking, visionary design and expert execution. You will find it all at Design Clarity. This inventive team of retail banking design experts work extensively with next-generation banks. Together, Australian banks and Design Clarity throw out the traditional ‘rule book’ and usher new innovation into retail banking design. The result? Banking spaces that are:

  • Vibrant
  • Approachable
  • Interactive
  • Efficient
  • Convenience-rich
  • Child-friendly

Retail banking design goes beyond mere product-peddling to evolve the entire consumer experience. Take Design Clarity’s work with the People’s Choice Credit Union, which touts itself as the ‘anti-bank’ with alacrity. Packed with savvy touches from coffee machines to iPads for the kids. Retail banking design has made this lending institution almost unrecognisable as such. Families are welcome, kids are entertained and busy clients can take care of business while being revived by freshly brewed caffeine. Meanwhile comfortable meeting booths supply ample space for semi-private service. Of course tellers, foreign exchange and other core services remain within easy access – all in bright, personable surrounds.

Sometimes it pays to reinvent the wheel. Such is the case when it comes to your retail bank space. The People’s Choice Credit Union is just one impressive case study showcasing what is possible with retail banking design. There is no time like the present to change the way your patrons interact with and experience your bank. Need more convincing? Browse through Design Clarity’s recent retail banking design portfolio, including distinctive brands like: