Seamless retail: together we are strong

Seamless retail is much more than a buzz term. Rather it signifies a new panacea for consumers where the goal is to deliver seamless retail experiences across a multitude of platforms. That means online and in-store experiences stand united so shoppers get the best of all worlds.

Modern consumers themselves are spearheading the seamless retail movement. Shoppers are ahead of many retailers in this regard, leveraging dual interfaces to optimise their retail experience. Take a shopper who is looking for a particular wristwatch for example. They turn first to the web to research which watches tick their specific boxes and narrow their search based on information found. Once fully appraised of their options and with a strong idea of which wristwatch they want (or at least a snappy shortlist), the shopper then heads out for the in-store component of their purchasing experience. Rather than rehash all their online research, the shopper goes into a retailer able to pinpoint precisely what they want – and expect smooth swift satisfaction. This is the essence of seamless retail, yet it is surprising how many retailers have not yet mastered delivery of this very real consumer demand.

Seamless retail is really about achieving a cohesive consumer omnichannel. That means eliminating cumbersome time-consuming elements of the consumer experience while retaining immersive information, displays and thought-provoking retail. Examples include:

  • Digital technologies: imagine being able to overlay outfits, accessories and more onto your image without having to set foot in an old school changing room. Seamless retail champions are already onto this idea
  • Smart shopping: buy online but collect in store. This way you get all the convenience of online shopping without sacrificing the personal touch that still means so much
  • Customised configuration: self-configure everything from cars to sunglasses – then have the freedom to bring your configuration to physical fruition. Seamless retail is setting about making this happen

Perhaps seamless retail sounds like a highly complex process that you are not yet ready or equipped to tackle. Yet with the right specialists on hand you can reap the many rewards of delivering a seamless retail experience to make your brand more appealing and your consumer more engaged. Design Clarity are international seamless retail specialists, delivering outstanding results across Australia and the UK in this regard. Check out some of their recent work including: