Sensory restaurant design London

Want a lion’s share of the London restaurant market on a plate? Restaurant design London pivots on an immersive sensory patron experience. Appealing to all five senses is certainly best practice in restaurant design London. After all, people do not dine out for food or nourishment alone. It is the overall experience that matters.

Naturally the experience you aim to cultivate must be matched to your brand and target audience. It doesn’t matter whether you are appealing to those seeking an end-of-night kebab after hitting the London town or discerning palettes seeking the sanctuary of linen table-clothed silver service. Restaurant design London engages all five senses to create a full engaging experience that leaves customers wanting more – and coming back to get it. Here are some tips on creating a superlative sensory experience:

  • Visual: invite your customers to feast their eyes as well as their tummies. Integrate eye-catching visual displays from menu to food presentation. Digital signage also has a knack of turning heads
  • Auditory: back to the kebab vs. silver service example, restaurant design London would advise to match your sound effects with your brand and consumer. Late night kebab joint can keep the night humming by belting out the latest chart toppers. Fine dining establishments will feature classical ambient music in keeping with the discerning consumers who dine there
  • Smell: you would be surprised at how many customers are converted on the strength of a mere whiff. Fragrant bakeries compel walkers-by to purchase fresh bread or cakes. Smell is a well of value in restaurant design London. Always match your restaurant’s aromas to your brand promise though
  • Touch: align your physical restaurant space seamlessly with your brand promise and patron proclivities. After all, your restaurant is a physical 3D brand ambassador. Be sure to keep everything spic and span in your restaurant too. Surfaces should be smooth, hygienic and clean to the touch.
  • Taste: yes, here is the kingpin of restaurant design London. Certainly an end-to-end sensory experience is vital but taste still rules the roost in this space. Once again, match your taste offer to your establishment. If your patrons like to know exactly what to expect when they come to your restaurant, keep a consistent yet quality menu. Alternatively, if your crowd is avid foodies with a penchant for exciting fare then mixing up your menu is a must. Whether your menu is unchanging or dynamic, always keep focus on dishing up sensational taste

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