Shifting brand perception for Nando's

Shifting brand perception is a multifaceted process. Storytelling, textiles, branding, interiors and much more come into play. When it comes to shifting brand perception, Nando’s is tangible proof of how influential this process is.

Nando’s began life as a fast-food chain hailing all the way from South Africa. Specialising in Portuguese chicken zizzed up with various Peri-Peri marinades, Nando’s originally drew customers on the offer of tasty food served fast. In other words, fast food. Old-school Nando’s restaurants were rather ‘plain Jane’ with basic wooden tables and chairs, over-the-counter kiosk ordering and basic layout. But like every eatery, Nando’s had to respond to complex conflicting consumer demands that call for healthy food, great dining experience, convenience, swift service and much more. In a nutshell, Nando’s turned attention to shifting brand perception, and what a journey it has been with the move to ‘fast casual dining’.

Modern-day Nando’s is a completely different story. Shifting brand perception began with compelling storytelling. Nando’s has a colourful Southern African history that lends itself to vibrant design expression. Rich animated colours, natural materials, striking patterns and intricate textiles like micro-mosaic table-tops and geometric tiling form the basis of shifting brand perception through unique character dining.

Nandos Afro-Portuguese brand heritage are reiterated through artist collaboration showcasing art pieces crafted by African artists. Thoughtful touches like mural expression of Nando’s cockerel branding add to the enticing consumer journey.

Nando’s restaurant spaces are a far cry from fast-food kiosk days. A contemporary blend of burnt orange leather booth seating, sleek light timber chairs, designer wooden stools and bar seating set off beautifully by mosaic tiles presents a sharp appealing heightened diner adventure.

Nando’s has done an outstanding job of shifting brand perception and driving greater foot traffic. If you are interested in shifting brand perception for your own restaurant, speak with the experts like Nando’s did. Speak with Design Clarity.