Superlative shop design activates your market

Want to know what can compel your consumers to take action? Not just any action, but the very action you want them to take? Skilled shop design. With the right shop designers on board, your consumer experience truly comes to full-colour life.

Stores come in all shapes, sizes and types. Yet the basic formula for success is always the same. You want consumers to:

  • Choose your store above your competitors
  • Buy your hero products/services
  • Reengage regularly with your store
  • Bring their friends to shop at your store

This may seem like a pretty simple wish list at first blush. But in today’s crowded marketplace achieving even one of these wishes is no mean feat. Here is where shop design can change the face of your business. How? Well shop designers work in many power-packed ways to help you achieve such things as:

  • Location maximisation: get all your unique location features, signage, layout and fixtures working their hardest for you
  • Standout in-store displays: shop designers get to know exactly what your hero products and services are. Then they set about designing your store to drive customers straight to these – without customers ever being aware of this
  • Atmosphere: this one little word can be the lynchpin of your store success. Whatever ‘vibe’ speaks resoundingly to your target market, shop design cultivates with alacrity. Perhaps your consumer savours the discerning elegance of a classy jewellery store. Or your youthful target markets is drawn to edgy, contemporary ambiance. Rest assured that clever shop designers can imbue your store with the right mood matched to your consumers
  • Incredible brand cut-through: how can you fail when your brand promise and values are interwoven into your very retail premises? Shop design turns your store into a 3D brand ambassador that imprints your identity upon consumers, keeping you front of mind long after they have left your store

So how do you put shop design to work for you? It all starts with getting the right shop designers on the job. If you need a little more convincing as to the worthiness of Design Clarity in this regard, just take a look at some of their recent work: