Talking colourfully about financial branding

Financial branding is not a colourful term. Yet every brand story is lent lustre and longevity by colour itself. Think the yellow arches of McDonalds or the coveted blue box of Tiffany’s. Never underestimate the psychological power of brand colour in appealing to audiences, establishing a resoundingly firm market foothold and expressing your unique service values. In a nutshell, colour is a key player in the craft of powerhouse financial branding.

Red is urgently important and kind of sexy too while purple signifies royalty, rank and power. Just a couple of examples that demonstrate how when it comes your branding, colour counts. Tailoring your financial branding colours to your fit your target audience is powerful way to earn attention, trust and confidence.

There is an entire colour spectrum at your disposal when it comes to finalising your financial branding. Colour psychology goes beyond mere appearances to drive subconscious decision-making by your key audiences. So while colour choice in your financial branding can poise your business for success, there must be method and strategy underlying your selections. Unless you are lucky enough to be expertly versed in colour psychology, you will achieve best results by consulting someone who is. Poor or ill-fitting colour choice can dilute and skew your branding messages.

Just as well Design Clarity are specialists with a portfolio spanning Australia and UK. This expert team knows precisely how to select and leverage colour to influence your specific target audiences to see, feel and act as you want them too. They will help you contextualise your financial branding content through colour.

Ready to exercise the emotional cue of colour psychology in your financial branding? Speak with Design Clarity first. Or begin by taking an enthralling look over their branding portfolio including: