The mobile-centric movement of future banking models

Future banking models are driven by digital making in-branch experiences a brave new world. Enter the ‘smart branch’ that leverages technology to knock customer interaction and convenience out of the ball park. Far from seeing the demise of the branch, future banking models fuse digital capabilities with a reimagined branch that runs smarter, leaner and with greater synergy than ever before.

The face of future banking models

So just what does a smart branch look like? Effectively future banking models seek to achieve a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. That means a banking patron enjoys the same consistent compelling service whether they interact with their bank in-branch, online or via an app. Combining digital technologies with in-branch capabilities, future banking models give patrons 24/7 access and satisfaction in getting their needs met by their bank – and design is a pivotal ingredient in making this all happen.

Future banking models are primarily self-service driven but with oodles of personalised support and advice. Walk into a smart branch and you will immediately notice a sleek streamlined design where customers are instantly and intuitively guided to where they need to go for their specific requirements. Most smart branches will have the following three precincts in common:

  • 24/7 self-service zone right at the branch entrance
  • Standing desk zone where bank staff are on their feet ready to lend targeted personalised support and sales. No long sit-downs here, just swift efficient solutions
  • Priority zone for premium advisory services required by customers and businesses

Future banking models in play today

Design Clarity specialise in integrating smart branch design in progressively minded banks. Already, several banks have worked with Design Clarity to set the pace in future banking models while significantly enriching their customer experience offer.

People’s Choice Credit Union (PCCU) boasts visual segmentation of the branch space into three zones. Visit PCCU and you will clearly observe a personal, communal and ‘social strip’ as the core of the design. There are cushy booths for semi-private meetings, easily accessible teller and foreign exchange desks and much more.

Meanwhile Police Bank in Sydney has a smaller footprint but is packed with diverse service zones, digital support and a leaner more responsive team.

Want to infuse your bank with the dynamic energy, personalisation and smart seamlessness of future banking models? Speak with Design Clarity today.